Due to the extreme variant in weather on Bainbridge Island, exterior siding can often deteriorate quickly and cause potential issues for your family's health and home's integrity. Our customer's property had shown obvious signs of disrepair and needed an overall evaluation of current siding weaknesses and replacement. Due to the nature of this particular job, we were looking to install new material over the existing siding which presents its own set of challenges. 


Our team came out to survey the current state of our customer's siding, a which point we cut out all of the damaged material we found and patched the holes to create a baseline for the siding replacement, which is important when installing new siding over pre-existing materials. We then installed James Hardie 4x8 Smooth Panel to the entire exterior for the home, covering all of the previous damages we had patched. To ensure the integrity of the home for years to come, we also installed white seamless aluminum gutters with proper drainage around the home itself. Finally, we finished off the remodel with a fresh coat of Sherwin Williams Super Paint including the front and garage doors. The completed project was a beautifully finished home that is now able to stand the test of time for our customers.