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Siding Contractor in Atlanta, GA

Quality Home Siding Solutions from Pacific Exteriors

Pacific Exteriors is a top-rated Atlanta siding contractor, and we are proud to offer a diverse range of siding options suited to the unique needs of homes in this region. Each type of siding we provide comes with its distinct advantages:

  • Vinyl Siding: A popular choice for many, our vinyl siding is not only cost-effective but also offers excellent durability and low maintenance, making it ideal for the busy Atlanta homeowner.
  • Metal Siding: For those seeking a modern twist and exceptional longevity, our metal siding is a perfect choice. It stands up well to Atlanta’s varied weather, ensuring your home looks great year-round.
  • Cedar Siding: Our cedar siding brings a natural, rustic aesthetic to any home. It’s particularly favored for its organic beauty and durability, adding a warm, inviting touch to Atlanta residences.
  • Siding Repairs and Replacement Siding: Whether you need minor repairs or a complete siding replacement, Pacific Exteriors delivers with precision and care, ensuring your home’s exterior is both beautiful and resilient.

Atlanta’s Experienced Siding Company

Since 2008 our siding company has been building a siding installation company that the local community can trust. During that time, we have accrued a variety of awards and affiliations that help us stand out among all the other siding replacement teams. We have had years with our Better Business Bureau accreditation and take our EPA Lead-Safe Certification seriously.

Some of the other awards and affiliations that come with choosing Pacific Exteriors as your next siding replacement company include:

  • “Best of Houzz” Winner
  • Master Builders Association Membership
  • Home Advisor Approved for 10 Years

Top-Rated James Hardie Siding

Did you know that Pacific Exteriors is a four-time James Hardie “President’s Club Award” winner? We have worked hard to perfect the installation of James Hardie siding and are proud to have been acknowledged for our dedication. Our siding team has also been labeled as a James Hardie Elite Preferred siding contractor meaning if you need a James Hardie installer, we are your go to team.

As Atlanta’s top James Hardie siding installers, we love educating our customers about all the perks that come with this replacement siding. James Hardie siding is well known for withstanding the harsh weather conditions that sometimes hit the East Coast. Your siding will look stunning year after year and is greatly worth the investment.

Some other benefits to choosing James Hardie replacement siding includes:

  • Fiber Cement Durability
  • A Variety of Colors to Choose From
  • Approval for Fire-Rated Construction
  • Impact Resistant
  • And So Much More!

What to Look for in an Atlanta Siding Company

Whether you're considering full siding replacement or just some simple repairs, you deserve a skilled team that will deliver outstanding results. When choosing an Atlanta siding company, it’s essential to consider several key factors:

  • Expertise and Experience: Look for a company with a proven track record in siding installation and repair.
  • Quality of Materials: Ensure that the company uses high-quality materials that are suitable for Atlanta's climate.
  • Customer Satisfaction: A good company should have a strong history of customer satisfaction and positive reviews.
  • Certifications and Awards: Accreditations and awards are indicators of a company's commitment to excellence.

Pacific Exteriors checks all these boxes, standing as a leading residential siding company in Atlanta, known for our expertise, quality, and customer satisfaction.

With our experience and dedication, Pacific Exteriors is committed to providing top-notch exterior siding solutions. Whether you’re looking for new home siding or need repairs, we will ensure your home’s exterior is beautiful, durable, and ready to stand up to the elements.

Get Your Home Siding from Pacific Exteriors LLC Today

Over the past decade and a half Pacific Exteriors LLC has assisted thousands of homeowners upgrade their homes. Call us today to get started on your own siding upgrade, we would love to get you started with a custom siding estimate. Do not forget to ask about our James Hardie siding!

FAQs Answered by Your Trusted Atlanta Siding Contractor Team

What is the best exterior siding for homes in Atlanta?

The best exterior siding for Atlanta homes varies depending on individual needs and home styles. It's crucial to consult with an expert like Pacific Exteriors to determine which siding type meets your specific requirements while ensuring quality and durability.

How much does siding repair cost in Atlanta?

Siding repair costs in Atlanta can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the type of siding. Investing in a quality contractor like Pacific Exteriors ensures you get the best value for your investment with long-lasting results.

What are the signs you need siding replacement?

Signs that indicate the need for siding replacement include noticeable damage, such as cracks or warping, fading color, and increased energy bills. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to contact a reliable Atlanta siding company for an in-person inspection and consultation.

What is the process for siding installation?

Pacific Exteriors’ siding installation process is designed to deliver quality results. We start with a thorough consultation to assess your needs, followed by a detailed plan and execution by our skilled team. Our process ensures a smooth and efficient installation, leaving you with a beautiful and durable home exterior. At every stage, you'll receive clear communication and the utmost in transparency, so you can be completely confident that you and your home are in excellent hands.