What is Hardie Board Siding?

Durability and aesthetics are important factors when choosing siding for your home. Hardie Board Siding is a popular brand of fiber cement siding that offers homeowners a perfect balance of longevity and stylish appeal.

As an Elite Preferred contractor for James Hardie siding, Pacific Exteriors has extensive experience working with this type of exterior siding - and we're here to explain why this siding option could be the ideal choice for your home.

What is Hardie Board Made Of?

Exactly what is Hardie Boarding siding? Also known as cement board siding, it is made of a combination of materials specifically selected for their durability. The mixture includes Portland cement, sand, water, and cellulose fibers, all contributing to the siding's top-rated sturdiness.

As the manufacturer, James Hardie enhances this formula with proprietary additives that improve its performance, making it suitable for various climates and capable of withstanding severe weather conditions.

Pros of Hardie Board Siding

There are many benefits of Hardie board siding, making it easy to see why it is a top choice for homeowners across the U.S.:

  • Outstanding Durability: Hardie Board siding is remarkable at standing up to virtually any weather condition. It resists damage from rain, hail, strong winds, and drastic temperature changes. Unlike other materials, it is not vulnerable to moisture-related issues like swelling, warping, or rotting.

  • Aesthetic Flexibility: Available in a wide array of colors and styles, Hardie Board siding can mimic other materials like wood but requires far less maintenance. This makes it an attractive option for those seeking a particular look without the ongoing upkeep.

  • Pest Resistance: Hardie Board siding is designed to be unappealing to pests such as termites and woodpeckers, reducing the risk of damage and the need for pest-related repairs.

  • Fire Resistance: This siding is also fire resistant, making your home safer for your family.

  • Excellent Warranty: James Hardie offers a 30-year non-prorated, transferable warranty, plus a 15-year warranty on its ColorPlus® Technology, covering peeling, chipping, and cracking.

  • Eco-Friendly: James Hardie is recognized as the greenest siding brand in the industry. Its siding uses sustainable practices and materials with a lower environmental impact.

  • Low Maintenance: Fiber cement siding requires minimal upkeep. Cleaning it twice a year with a garden hose and a medium bristle brush is typically enough to maintain its condition.

Pacific Exteriors is a Preferred James Hardie Contractor - Contact Us Today if You Need Hardie Board Siding

As a four-time winner of the James Hardie "President's Club Award," Pacific Exteriors is a respected leader in siding installation and repair. Our status as a preferred contractor means our installation team is factory-trained, ensuring we bring the ultimate precision and care to every Hardie Board siding project. We understand the unique conditions of working with fiber cement siding and are committed to providing superior results that meet James Hardie's and our customers' high standards.

If you're considering Hardie Board siding for your home, the Pacific Exteriors team can help you learn more. We'll make it simple to navigate the many options available and provide a tailored solution that enhances your home's beauty and durability. Our expert team is ready to offer you a comprehensive consultation and a free estimate so you can make an informed and confident decision to upgrade your home's siding.

Join the many homeowners who trust Pacific Exteriors for their siding needs and discover the difference that professional craftsmanship and quality service can make. Contact us today for a no-cost, no-obligation written estimate for your exterior siding project.

Image Credit: Ursula Page / Shutterstock