This big blue home in the Bitter Lake neighborhood was designed by the homeowner who is an architect. The homeowner was inspired by the corrugated steel material and used that over a majority of their home. When the sheeting of the home was built, they built bump outs around the windows. A bump out on a window is when the window is not flush with the wall but the window is raised from the wall. The homeowner intended the window to be aligned with the wall. This was an issue that our Project Manager Steve needed to solve using siding techniques. 


In response to the challenge of installing the corrugated steel around the window bump out, the Project Manager Steve needed to develop a unique solution. The homeowner wanted the wall to be flush with the window. Steve needed to develop a plan to use furring strips to bump out the wall to align with the windows that had been bumped out. Upon installing the furring strips, the Pacific Exteriors crew installed the corrugated steel siding to align perfectly with the windows. The finished product was a home that represented the homeowners original design.