When deciding between siding repair and a full replacement of the materials, it is important to investigate the entire exterior of the home and pinpoint areas that may need to be fixed. For this particular home, our estimator was able to examine the home and identify areas where the siding needed to be removed and replaced, determining that this was a repair job rather than a whole house re-side. The challenge continues at that point with ensuring the newly replaced materials blend well with the existing home. With only doing a partial re-side, it is also a challenge to determine if there needs to be a complete exterior paint job or just spot repair to make it match. 


Our crew removed all of the previous siding material in the areas that needed replacement only and installed James Hardie Color Plus Statement Collection siding to the affected areas. They also determined that only a Color Plus Finish paint job was needed, rather than an entire exterior re-paint of the hone. With our detailed matching and design service, we were able to ensure that the newly remodeled spots on the home would blend beautifully with the existing siding.