Due to the inclimate weather we often experience here in the Pacific Northwest, moisture can become an increasingly serious problem the longer it sits inside of your home. It is also necessary to evaluate the other parts of your home's exterior, such as the gutters to ensure that rain and debris from the surrounding area do not harm the siding of your home. When excessive moisture occurs, it can be challenging to repair the home and guarantee that it won't happen again. It is also essential to replace all parts of the exterior to protect the home in the future. This was the case for our customers in SeaTac, and their home required a complete overhaul to repair old and damaged siding, gutters, and windows. 


Our crew safely removed all of the old and damaged materials, then went ahead and installed James Hardie Color Plus Statement Collection siding to the entire exterior of the home. We then added a coat of Sherwin Williams Super Paint to match the new siding and increase the overall curb appeal of the home. In terms of protecting the exterior from any further damage, our team installed seamless aluminum gutters to ensure proper drainage of rain and debris, as well as removed all of the previous windows and installed Ply Gem Pro Series around the entire property. The finished product had a beautiful new aesthetic as well as protection against the elements here in the Greater Seattle Area.